This is typically going to be the highest rated rod in any series. There are no compromises here. Lighter rods simply will not have enough power to get the fish to a position where the wireman get grab the leader. Two-speed reels provide an added advantage. We recommend an 80lb class reel. Anything smaller will simply not have enough line capacity.

Huddleston Deluxe 68 Special Weedless Review

Often copied, never beaten! An exceptionally quick and easy link clip which can be used for attaching the rig to the shock leader, or your sinker to the rig. Marine grade heat treated stainless steel wire. Choose how to use!

Welcome to Big Carp Tackle! Over 50 years of experience in catch and release Carp angling in the United States. 10+ years in business as your go to place for Carp specific tackle and bait in the US.

Recluse Spinning Combos feature 3 ball bearing drive reels with instant anti-reverse and medium Compulsion Spinning Combos feature 4 ball bearing drive size 30 reels with instant anti-reverse Fillet Knife 2 Pack includes a 7 inch and a 6 inch fillet knife Perfect size for all gamefish Complete floating aeration system. Place in bait container to provide oxygen to bait fish for Floating or Sinking Fish Attractant Light.

Weighted for stability in Fiber optic lights provide increased visibility in low-light and no-light conditions Weighted


The hook is the most important piece of equipment after the carp have taken the hook bait. It is what connects the fish to your rod, thus you need to make sure the hook penetrates well and has a good hook hold in order to successfully land the majority of the fish hooked. The first decision is to establish whether to use barb or barbless hooks.

Made for heavy duty flippin’, punchin’, and pitchin’, the VMC “Ike Approved” Heavy Duty Flippin’ Hook combines years of hook making experience with decades of tournament experience.

The best baits to throw today to hook up with bass and pike July 19, at 5: It makes ceramic coffee cups left on dashboards too hot to touch. Inside the shop, a menagerie of unflappable fish catchers and former anglers idles at the counter. Someone mentions the temperature: In heat like this, the fish move to deeper water as the day progresses and visitors to the shop ask how to catch them. Jordan Smith, who runs the place, has an idea. The top-selling gear today, he says, are plastic worms and the hooks that hold them.

Senko worms are a big seller. They are impregnated with salt and when Texas-rigged with a sliding bullet sinker they can be bounced along weed beds for largemouth bass.

Gearing Up For Halibut

May 10, Photo: Southern states have a stranglehold on utilizing swimbaits but the northern tier is just beginning to see their effectiveness on large gamefish like stripers, hybrids, musky and northern pike too. Bass anglers are a little slower to respond but those that have seen the bonanza can certainly attest to their effectiveness. A slow wind and intermittent twitches make this swimbait dart and kick-out with a directional change before returning to its natural swimming action.

Because it is a single-hook bait I was skeptical of hookup ratios but due to the collapsibility of the head when bit, the hookups have been outstanding.

Bought this box call for turkey season this past spring. Produced really loud helps, can also be used to gobble. Didn’t have to much success on the gobble, but great to bring the birds in close if you’re set up .

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Catfish Gear

Rated 5 out of 5 by djacks14 from These mouse tails are exceptional!!! I don’t know what people are talking about suggesting these worms sink after a while. I bought 1 pack three months ago and have been catching trout ever since.

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Using Live Bait 1 Use worms and mealworms when in doubt. This bait is widely used in many types of fishing. Use earthworms or manure worms in freshwater and bloodworms or sandworms in saltwater. Mealworms and other live grubs are usually used for trout or bass. Pierce through several smaller worms or cut up worm halves to hide the hook in a mass of wriggling worms. Some hooks come with smaller hooks attached to the side for this purpose. For large worms, thread a single worm along the hook until the hook is mostly or completely hidden.

For very large worms, pierce the hook through several points of the body. Leave a length at the end to wriggle and attract fish. Many fish feed on minnow, but make sure you pick a size appropriate for your target fish to eat. Ask at the bait shop what kind of local fish your target eats, too.

The art and science of blade baiting

Hook Aligners are made with a flexible rubber compound that stretches over eye of the hook and fits securely when positioned. The exit angle for the hooklink material has been being specified so that it improves hooking potential, without closing up the gape of the hook. So, how do they work? The size, length and angle of the kicker has been specified so that they force the hook to twist more aggressively when the hook bait has been mouthed or inhaled by a feeding carp.

Rigs that incorporate a Hook Aligner will react faster and hook holds will be positioned in the bottom lip or scissors. Incorporating a hook aligner also ensures that the hook twists effectively which ever direction the fish approaches the hookbait.

Terminal Tackle. Get ready for the water with Cabela’s assortment of terminal tackle. Cabela’s has you covered for your next fishing trip with floats and stops, fishing hooks, fishing hook kits, bait rigs, swivels, snaps and clevises, fishing weights, bottom bouncers and walking sinkers, non-toxic fishing weights and fishing wire leaders.

Luke Simonds on October 3, Get our best posts delivered straight to your inbox: Like Salt Strong on Facebook: Loop knots are extremely important to anglers who use artificial lures because they allow the baits to have the most action possible. However, the added action that it provides to your lure makes it worthwhile… I highly recommend using this style whenever using artificial lures.

Here are the top snug knots that we tested in this fishing knot analysis: Kreh Loop Knot aka: See below for a video on how to tie it. Strength test results are shown below. See video for details on how to tie the Perfection Loop Knot. The pro of this extra step is that it adds some strength to the knot. However, the downfall is that it leaves a weed-catching tag end that sticks straight up and is slightly more difficult to tie.

However, its strength when doing my initial tests with standard mono line did not translate over the fluorocarbon leader. Not sure why, but it scored lowest of the 4 consistently with fluoro while being one of the best with standard mono.

The Hook Up Tackle Roboworm

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