R Balaji on December 16, at 7: Sarang on December 16, at 9: Athiravi on December 16, at 7: But I have my own doubts about the A. D date of Sri Sankara. Kindly go thro deivathin kural 5 th volume page in which historical facts given by periyavaa supporting the B. C as age of sankara.


The three-storied Jaganmohan Palace was converted into this art gallery in The Jayachamarajendra art gallery has a remarkable collection of Rembrandt paintings. This collection is so unique that such works of Rembrandt can be found nowhere in the world except in Russia. The western collection section of the museum has works by master like P.

Caddy and miniature paintings by Gunoy.

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Mysore is the capital city of Wodeyar dynasty who ruled the kingdom of Mysore until With a rich cultural and historical heritage, Mysore has a quaint charm that appeals tourists from all over the country. Only at 19 kilometers distance from Mysore stands Srirangapatna which was the de facto capital of Mysore during the rule of Tipu Sultan and Haider Ali. Now a small town, Srirangapatna takes pride in the palaces, forts and mosques dating back to the era of Tipu Sultan.

The first place coming to our notice once we entered Srirangapatna was a memorial established in reminiscence of Tipu. There was a plaque at the centre of the memorial ground carved with the words “The body of Tipu Sultan was found here. Built in AD by a Ganga chieftain Tirumalaraya, this temple went through a multitude of renovations during the reign of successive rulers of Mysore including Hoysalas, Vijayanagara monarchs, Wodeyars and Haider Ali. The avenue leading to the shrine is dotted on both sides with makeshift stalls selling varieties of artefacts and handicrafts.

A paradigm of Indo-Islamic architecture, the palace was constituted of teak way back in the 18th century.

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There are about seven palaces in Mysore and the most important of them is the Mysore Palace. The durbar hall with its astounding interiors, the long corridors with tall ceilings that showcase the history of the state and the paintings depicting the tradition are not to be missed. Try to spend a whole day here, because in the evening the palace is lit with about 30, bulbs of light and this is a spectacular sight to witness.

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Ravi Raj If you shrink down the list of things to do in Mysore to a top three, the Mysore zoo will make it to the list. Mostly right below Mysore palace, if not a tie between the two. These two are a must visit for every person that visits Mysore on a holiday. There are umpteen reasons to book your hotel near Mysore palace to have a gala time. The zoo is located in the city of Mysore, which is the second largest after Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka.

It is also one of the cleanest cities in India. With cultural heritage dating back to the 13th century, Mysore has much to offer in terms of history. Also known as the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens officially, this acre zoo is also one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India. The ingenious German garden designer Gustav Hermann Krumbiege is the main brain behind this beautiful zoo.

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KRS Mysore Palace is a gem of regal heritage, enchanting visitors with architecture, dating back to late nineteenth and early twentieth century of Indo-Saracenic designs. A spectacular light show illuminates Mysore palace on Sundays, public holidays and during the Dasara celebrations when 97, electric light bulbs are switched on.

The grounds also face the magnificent Chamundi Hills eastwards of the inner region of Mysuru. Mysore Zoo, officially known as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens is home to a sanctuary of species of wildlife fauna from India and botanical beauty, spreading across a acres 64 ha of lush greenery. It is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in south India.

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ES is the first locomotive at the entrance. An Austin rail-motor car Several inspection cars, one inspection car is used as a ticket office. Two royal coaches that belonged to the Maharaja of Mysore. The Maharani Saloon carriage that has a kitchen, dining car unit and royal toilet dating back to Bagnall which was made in for Khushalgarh – Kohat – Thal Railway which was a military frontier line, was subsequently transferred to North Western Railways.

This 2′-6″ gauge locomotive is configured as ST. Originally 8, it was one of the three superheated locomotives. Bagnall in for Mysore State Railways. A YP made by Telco in Austin Railway Car[ edit ] Austin Rail Car The picture at left is a model Austin, originally an automobile made for running on road. It was later sold to a scrap dealer. A railway employee brought this car from the scrap dealer and restored it.


You will be taken to Mysore, the city of Palaces. On arrival at Mysore, check-in to the hotel and relax amidst the comforts of your room. Overnight stay at the Hotel. Bangalore – Mysore After the breakfast, full day free for sightseeing at Mysore. Visit the sprawling Maharaja’s Palace with its wonderful treasures and ivory inlaid doors.

Mysore, the city of palaces, is the second largest city of Karnataka and is breathtakingly beautiful. There are several monuments that depict its royal heritage, Mysore Palace being one of the.

Tirumakudalu-Narasipura , officially known as T. Narasipura,is a panchayat town in Mysuru district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Narasipura refers to Tirumakudalu, the confluence of the Kaveri, Kabini and Spatika Sarovar a hidden mythical lake or spring, also named Gupta Gamini and the peninsular town at this location is also called Tirumakudlu Trimakuta in Sanskrit.

This is the only place in South India where three rivers meet, and the only place where Kumbhamela is held in south India every three years. It finds a mention in the Skanda Purana as one of the Trimakuta Kshetras holy places with the confluence of three rivers. The word ‘Narasipur’ is the name of the town, which is derived from the famous Gunja Narasimhaswamy temple that is located on the right bank of the Kabini river.

The town finds its mention, both as a tourist place and a pilgrimage centre. When he travelled down South to Narsipur, the town was a thick forest. Enamoured by the confluence of the three rivers – Kaveri, Kapila and the undercurrent of Spatika Sarovara – he wanted to install a Shiva Lingam there and asked Hanuman to get him a lingam from Kashi. Since the auspicious period lasting three-and-a-three-fourth of a galige was fast approaching and Hanuman failed to get the lingam on time, the sage created a sand lingam himself and consecrated it.

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Situated km from the capital city, Bangalore, Dasara celebrations in Mysore has always attracted tourists from round the globe. Glorious festivity amidst glittering exhibitons and exaggerated processions are awaiting Navratri enthusiasts in Mysore. While you travel to this beautiful city on the eve of Dasara, some sacred and holy temples of Mysore can also be included in your itinerary.

Temples in Mysore are some of the best attractions of the “Sandalwood City”. Some of the sacred temples were constructed by the royal families while others having mythological and legendary significance since ages are being renovated and worshipped.

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Attached to your mat? Why the yoga mat is undermining your practice By Brian Cooper PhD and Chris Norris PhD Much could be written about the psychological significance of rolling out your mat, with its implications of marking out your territory, creating your own space and perhaps saying something about your personality by the size and thickness of your mat.

We will leave this for another article and focus on the anatomical error of mat-dependence. If you are taking a yoga class and the teacher asks to put all props aside, away fly all the bricks, blocks, belts, bolsters and the whole paraphernalia of many yoga classes. But not quite all the props: Few would dream of also removing their mat.

And yet they are the biggest, and in some ways, the most pernicious props of them all. They are both anatomical and psychological props, and they are pernicious because few students recognise the role they play in their practice. The general consensus is that props are useful for assisting in approaching a posture, but they should be discarded when it is recognised they are no longer useful and could even be holding a student back. Originally produced from carpet underlay to prevent whatever was being used from slipping on the floor, its purpose has shifted to preventing the student from slipping on the mat.

One of the most frequent complaints of students who purchase a mat is that they are not sticky enough, and many mats come with instructions on how to get the optimal grip.

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The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests. Yoga was slowly refined and developed by the Brahmans and Rishis mystic seers who documented their practices and beliefs in the Upanishads, a huge work containing over scriptures. The Upanishads took the idea of ritual sacrifice from the Vedas and internalized it, teaching the sacrifice of the ego through self-knowledge, action karma yoga and wisdom jnana yoga.

Classical Yoga In the pre-classical stage, yoga was a mishmash of various ideas, beliefs and techniques that often conflicted and contradicted each other. Written some time in the second century, this text describes the path of Raja Yoga, often called “classical yoga”. Patanjali organized the practice of yoga into an “eight limbed path” containing the steps and stages towards obtaining Samadhi or enlightenment.

Post-Classical Yoga A few centuries after Patanjali, yoga masters created a system of practices designed to rejuvenate the body and prolong life. They rejected the teachings of the ancient Vedas and embraced the physical body as the means to achieve enlightenment. They developed Tantra Yoga, with radical techniques to cleanse the body and mind to break the knots that bind us to our physical existence. This exploration of these physical-spiritual connections and body centered practices led to the creation of what we primarily think of yoga in the West:


Chikmagalur literally means “The town of the younger daughter” in the Kannada language. The district is named after its headquarters town of Chikmagalur. The major commercial crop is coffee. The hill stations around Chikmagalur are famous summer retreats since they remain cool even during summers.

Posts about mysore yoga written by Kev Ollier. Many fingers point to the moon for us to experience yoga in asana, albeit with a different and revised set of distractions from the usual thoughts occupying our minds during our practice.

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